Remote Control

17 Mar

No, I’m not talking about the gadget which lets you switch channels on a tv without getting up from your chair.  I remember the days when you had to do just that.  Firstly let me explain that this is only my opinion.  I’m talking about how we, the human race are controlled from a distance.

Really?  ‘Are you serious?’, I hear you ask.  Yes I’m deadly serious.  It’s called propaganda or marketing.  There’s not a great deal of difference, I believe, between marketing a product and marketing a war or even marketing bail outs for banks.  Oh, I’m sure that there is a tweak here and a tweak there to accommodate various cultures but in the end the difference is minimal.

Why did the breakfast meal of bacon and eggs become so popular?  (Just bear with me for a while) Well, the Beechnut Packaging company in the US found that their bacon sales were lagging.  So they asked Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud to help them boost sales.  Instead of full-page ads lauding the benefits of bacon, Bernays sent a survey to physicians asking them should Americans eat a light breakfast or a hearty breakfast. Of course they overwhelmingly recommended the benefits of a good hearty breakfast.  Bernays sent these findings to 5,000 physicians who helped convince the public to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast.  People listen to ‘authority’.  And when cigarette makers wanted to increase sales Bernays persuaded women who were mostly averse to smoking, to ‘light up’ the torch (aka cigarette) against male dominance.  People like to feel empowered.  Bernays became very successful and called his method of selling ‘engineering of consent’

Now all this seems fine, who is he harming? (Apart from those with now cholesterol clogged arteries and emphysemic women)  How about the millions who died during the second world war?  Think I’m joking?  Bernays wrote books, ‘Propaganda’ and ‘Crystallizing Public Opinion’.  Guess who used the methods contained within those books?  None other than Joseph Goebbels who used them to persuaded the German people to get behind Hitler and much more besides, one suspects. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The West, US in particular want a way into Africa to exploit its resources.  So we are hearing more and more about despotic dictators who are oppressing their people. The people of the west who enjoy so many freedoms (they tell us) are being called upon to back action against said dictators. They are killing their own people, we are told,  (and that’s our job apparently). We’re told it’s noble to want to help the oppressed people (even if it means bombing them to kingdom come).  ‘They’ use all means to do so.  Remember the Kony 2012 campaign?  People, especially young idealistic people, across the western world were encouraged to join a campaign urging the capture of and bringing to trial this most evil man, Kony.  Slick, Hollywood type videos were presented demanding action be taken.  The problem was Kony hadn’t been seen for years and might even be dead and his campaign of terror in Uganda had virtually come to a halt.  It didn’t take long for these facts to emerge, mostly via the internet.  So a lot of people, instead of swallowing the propaganda began to question it. They found that it seemed that the army of Uganda was just as brutal as Kony’s side.  The fact that Uganda is sitting atop great oil deposits was never mentioned and it didn’t help the cause that the creator of the videos went stark raving bonkers and was filmed ranting, naked in the street.  Obviously the pressure got to him when his campaign was exposed as, if not a fraud, then at least a tool of Western hegemony.

Then we had the ‘Arab Spring‘ and the horrific results of that in Libya especially.  We are being sold on war in Mali, Syria and the prospect of a war with Iran.  The marketing/propagandists must be working 24/7 to ‘engineer’ our consent for these actions and at the same time telling us we must lose some of our cherished freedoms in order to protect ourselves from a force that is at once our enemy and our ally.  We are constantly warned about possible Al Qaeda attacks on our soil and at the same time arming them in Libya and Syria and god knows where else.  Where’s the logic?  Oh, it’s there but too many people don’t see it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say for now but if by any faint chance somebody is reading this, just remember, next time you see an ad trying to sell you deodorant or fast food, that the same methods are being used to sell you on war and the restrictions of your freedoms.  Sometimes your thoughts really aren’t yours, they’ve been planted there, beware.


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