My thoughts on the Boston tragedy

21 Apr

Along with most of the population of the western world, and  beyond, I was horrified by the Boston Marathon bombings.  Some of the graphic pictures that emerged on the internet were truly horrific.  The thought that people were gathered for a happy sporting event only to have their lives taken or dramatically changed in an instant, turns one’s stomach.  We in the UK have had experience of bombings like these numerous times so we know how the Bostonians are feeling.

So let us look at the subsequent search for the perpetrators of the outrage and here is where it becomes what may be construed as a little bit sinister.  Members of one website, Redditt began to scour the images that were released, looking for clues as to who the perps might be; somebody claimed to have heard the names Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta being mentioned as suspects on a police scanner .  Social media went wild and the mainstream media took up the banner but it soon became apparent that two innocent people had been named as terrorists.  Sunil Tripathi had gone missing from his Brown University residence some time in March and his family were and still are frantic to contact him.  He left behind his phone and wallet and a note the contents of which the FBI have not released.  Local police believe he may have committed suicide somewhere.  Who Mike Mulugeta is, is anybody’s guess.  We now know that these two men had nothing to do with the bombing.

Back to Boston.  On the morning of the marathon the Boston Globe tweeted, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”  The head cross-country track coach at the University of Mobile,  Alistair Stevenson, claimed that at the start of the race the bomb squad, with bomb-sniffing dogs were making announcements that people should not panic as it was only a drill. He also claimed there were law enforcement spotters on the rooftops.  So was a terrorist incident expected?  According to Boston Police Commissioner, when asked, the answer was no.  They had no specific intelligence.  And the matter seemed to disappear.  Then there was the question of who were the identically dressed men at the finish line that day.  Some claim they were from the private security firm Craft.  Until February of this year Craft was run by a man named Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal.  Chris was said to be the most lethal sniper in US military history. He died in February after being shot by a fellow veteran, 25 year old Eddie Ray Routh.  Despite questions being asked about these men at the marathon, no statement has yet been made by those in authority despite the fact that some were seen talking to FBI agents after the bombing.  Were they conducting some sort of drill?

But what really got people’s attention was when the photograph of the backpack believed to have contained the bomb was released.  Many compared it to the backpack carried by one of the private security men and it did seem very similiar.  However it should be noted that the same man with his backpack was photographed after the blast, but others in the same ‘uniform’ had also been seen carrying them.  And why was one of them carrying a radiation detector?  Were they expecting a dirty bomb? There were many agencies on duty that day and all but the ‘mystery’ men wore insignia.  Why weren’t they?  Then we heard that a Saudi national had been injured and taken to hospital where he was being questioned by police.  Later we heard an arrest had been made.  The media waited anxiously at the courthouse to find out who it was. But then the courthouse was cleared  and people forced to move back, as though a threat had been made and then the news came through that the arrest story was false.  Is it coincidence that  John Kerry held a secret meeting with a Saudi defence minister prior to the courthouse incident and subsequently we heard that the Saudi national was innocent but was to be deported on ‘national security’ grounds? www. say his name is Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi and at least six of his family are members of Al Qaeda, five of whom have spent time in or are in GITMO.  Three middle eastern looking men were seen in photographs, close to the finish line blast site, wether one of them was Al-Harbi isn’t clear.  But why is he a threat to US national security and how did he get injured?

Later the FBI issued photographs of two men with whom they wished to speak.  They made a strong statement saying that these photographs and ONLY these photographs should be looked at by media.  Both men carried backpacks, one black, one mostly grey and, the FBI spokesman claimed that they had footage of the younger man ‘planting’ one of the bombs.  They did not show the footage.  Then, it seems, the suspects were lost in the fleeing crowd. They were named as Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, two  brothers aged 26 and 19 of Chechyen ethnicity who had lived in the US for ten years.  Their families are adamant they were innocent and had been set up.  Their mother said that the FBI had been following them for years and used to visit her asking questions.  Only later did the FBI admit they knew of them, claiming that a foreign government had asked them to investigate them. (Russia?)   However, they said, nothing of interest was found and they gave up the investigation in 2011.

Then on Thursday we were told that there was a ‘fire-fight’ at MIT, it later turned out that a policeman in a patrol car was shot dead, he had not returned fire.  Then a robbery at a 7/11 store was reported and it was implied that the brothers were involved.  There was a robbery but despite the fact that they bought petrol there, there were not involved in the robbery.   A car was hijacked and the brothers told the driver that they were the bombers, yet they let him go free without injury. They then engaged in a a gun fight with police, throwing explosive devices at them.  At one point the elder brother was shot and in his haste to escape the younger brother ran him over.  Then we saw what appeared to be a military ‘lockdown’ of Boston. People were dragged from their houses as armed police searched their homes and then just after the lockdown was lifted, a hail of gunfire was heard and the inevitable capture of the younger brother who was hiding in a boat.  Despite being wounded and subjected to stun grenades he was able to get himself out of the boat without assistance and surrender after which he was taken, in critical condition to a hospital.  He was not read his rights nor will he should he recover and the hospital have been forbidden to issue updates on his condition.

So what are we to make of it all?  So many questions arise at this point.  Let’s look at the FBI history of involvement in dealing with terrorism.  We can go back as far as the first attack on the World Trade Centre in 1993.  The FBI had inserted an informer into a terrorist cell, his name was Emad A Salem.  He kept them fully informed of all that was going on and they said they would provide the explosives for the attack.  Salem assumed they would give him fake explosives but the FBI said they would be real,   So worried was Salem that he was being set up as some sort of patsy that he secretly taped his meetings with his ‘handlers’.  When told he had to wear a wire he refused and the FBI said he was of no further use to them. He appeared as a witness in the trial of the terrorists and this led to them being jailed.  He was immediately put into witness protection.  He still claims to this day that the FBI had foreknowledge of the attack and that they supplied the explosives used to kill those people in the Trade Centre tower.

Then there was the Oklahoma City bombing at the Murrah Building.  A documentary called ‘A Noble Lie’ lays out a very detailed account of how this event seems to have been another FBI sting operation that went drastically wrong.  So many lies and cover-ups went on that it is impossible to list them all.  The documentary can be found on youtube.  The New York Times in April, 2012 published an article in which they showed that virtually every major terrorist plot in US in recent years has been an FBI sting operation.  Usually people with slightly below average intelligence, or with mental or drug problems would be persuaded by undercover FBI agents to take part in a ‘terrorist’ bombing and then voila!  The FBI arrest them and are hailed as heroes.  Talk about entrapment!

So, can we be sure that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev aren’t just two more patsies?  If they were/are and they realised it how would they react?  They certainly seemed very relaxed in the days following the bombing.  If they really did it, wouldn’t they have some sort of escape plan to get as far away as possible?  But no, they stayed at home and carried on as normal.  Could it be that they thought they were safe because ‘someone’ was watching their backs?  Only after they had been named did they go and shoot a policeman, hijack a car, allow the driver to go free and then engage in a gunfight with police.  And just how did the younger man escape with all those police officers on the streets?  If they, as it seems, were being monitored by the FBI, why didn’t the FBI have any inkling of any terrorist plans they may have made?  From where did they obtain the explosives?  Could it be that they had been persuaded by others ‘unkown’ to plant the bombs (If indeed they did)?  And what about the grossly over-the-top police action to capture them?  A whole city under lockdown is martial law by any other name. ( So reminiscent of the times after 9/11. And just like 9/11 drills were taking place). The fear factor was pumped up to its highest levels.  All of it played out in front of the world’s media. Is there something more to this atrocity; something we are not aware of.  Was it a false flag attack?  Was it a psyop?  Was it just what it’s claimed to be, two young men who decided for some, as yet,  unknown reason to cause death and mayhem. Did authorities have foreknowledge? In the coming weeks perhaps things will become clearer, but if the young man dies, will we ever get the truth and the reasons behind the attack?

The west, the US and the UK are arming ‘rebels’ in Syria, just as they did in Libya, isn’t that aiding terrorists?  It’s becoming increasingly clear that those ‘rebels’ are in fact Al Qaeda.  Why are we supplying arms, aid and support to those that our politicians are calling terrorists when they attack us but ‘rebels’ when they attack interests that the west would like destabilized?  Is this bombing in Boston just another small piece of a very large jigsaw to re-order the world.   So many times we’ve heard politicians using the phrase ‘new world order’.  Gordon Brown once used the phrase seven times in one speech.  The world seems in chaos right now and it’s eerily reminiscent of the build up to the first world war.  The phrase Ordo ab Chao comes to mind, order out of chaos.  But who will be bringing order and what will it cost us, the ordinary people who really have no say in it all?

BREAKING NEWS.  Channel 4 are reporting that the suspects’ father is claiming that two or three days after the bombing the elder man, Tamerlan called his mother and said he’d had a phone call from the FBI who said they believed he was involved in the bombing.  His reply was ‘That’s your problem’  The FBI refuse to confirm or deny such a call took place.   –  The plot thickens.


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