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Bilderberg 2013

11 Jun

There has been great rejoicing amongst certain people this weekend.  After fifty nine years the Bilderberg group has been ‘outed’ and the mainstream media can no longer pretend they don’t exist.

For many years people who revealed the existence of Bilderberg have been scoffed at, called nutters and conspiracy theorists and generally been told they are imagining things.  Even when the name Bilderberg appeared in mainstream media, which was rarely, it was barely given a cursory glance.  Last year, in Chantilly, Virginia, those protesting this secretive organisation numbered a couple of hundred.  This was far in excess of previous year’s gatherings where between three and twelve dedicated people tried to cover it.

So for anybody who doesn’t know what the Bilderberg group is, here’s a synopsis.  It is a group of well placed CEO’s of banking institutions, corporations etc, politicians, royalty, academic and media people and recently the heads of Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc.  What do they discuss?  Well, that’s the problem; nobody, apart from the participants knows.  No notes are taken (or so they say) and members are bound by Chatham House rules, i.e., what’s said in the meeting stays in the meeting.  No decisions are taken (or so they say) and we are expected to believe that all these very high-powered, busy people travel sometimes thousands of miles for a cosy little sit down chat about things that are unimportant or that us lowly plebs wouldn’t understand anyway. 

The Bilderberg group is named after the hotel in which the first meeting took place in 1954 headed by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, a former SS officer and Nazi party member.  In 1955 the BBC obtained documents which revealed that discussions centred on forming a European Union which would have a single currency, among other things.  Yet we are told that these meeting are unimportant and nothing said will affect the ordinary people.  It has also been noted that certain people invited have gone on to become Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Tony Blair attended in 1993 but when questioned in the House of Commons about his attendence he lied to parliament by stating he had never attended.  Documentary film maker, Luke Rodkowski of confronted Blair some years later, when he was no longer PM and asked him about the Bilderberg group and Blair admitted that yes, he had attended.  Isn’t lying to parliament a punishable offence?

I recall that back in the early 2000’s there were many discussions on internet forums and alternative media about a coming financial collapse.  This was well before the 2008 collapse.  And in 2008 the media made it seem like nobody was expecting this turn of events, important bankers claimed it was as much a surprise to them as to the rest of the people.  Really?  The outcome was that billions of pounds was taken from taxpayers and given to banks to bail them out.  Our children and grandchildren will be paying for this for many years.  What is worse is that in Greece and Italy democracy ceased because unelected ‘technocrats’ (ex-Goldman Sachs bigwigs) took over the reins of government.  In Cyprus, savers (apart from some who were forewarned) saw between 10% and 20% of their savings taken in a new tax.  Many believe this was a test run for the rest of the world.  Meanwhile austerity has become the norm. (But not for the banksters, obviously, who are still getting obscene amounts in bonuses).  Mervyn King cries ‘stop bashing the bankers’ but I don’t see any bashing, they’re going on as before and not one has been hauled before a court to explain their criminal, yes criminal, actions.  Can we really believe that all this was not planned; that a criminal elite are not intent on seizing as much of the world’s wealth as they can by impoverishing the ordinary people? 

This year, thanks to the internet and alternative media who have been working tirelessly to inform people about the Bilderbergers, thousands of people turned up to the Grove Hotel in Watford to express their anger and concern about this secretive group.  MP Michael Meacher and MEP Gerard Batten mingled with protesters and expressed their concern also.  In a week in which there was a lobbying scandal they wanted to know why David Cameron’s boast of transparency in government was not being observed.  Why were George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls shadow Chancellor, and David Cameron himself, meeting with the most powerful lobbying group in the world and not telling the British people what was being discussed?  Michael Meacher tabled an emergency question in parliament on Monday which was answered by Ken Clarke, minister without portfolio, in most dismissive and insulting way.

The BBC decided to cover the event in the most biased fashion, once again inferring that anybody who thinks it’s sinister is a woo-woo, nutcase, conspiracy theorist.  They of course invited Alex Jones onto the Sunday Politics show where he was insulted almost before he said a word.  Alex, being Alex, exploded.  He is a man passionate about exposing the criminality in the highest levels of government and corporatism and anybody who isn’t familiar with his work would needless to say, come away with the impression that he is crazy.  He isn’t!   Over the years many of the things he’s warned about have come to pass.  He’s not a prophet, he’s a student of history and he studies much of the writings of those he rants about and also released government documents.  He was not in the least surprised about the latest scandal to hit the world, the NSA recording of all telephone calls, emails etc because he studied the government bills in which these things had been mandated yet were ignored by the dumbed down public.

All in all the BBC coverage was atrocious.  This is the same BBC that knew about and covered up the vile acts of Jimmy Savile and others.  Forty of those accused in the subsequent enquiry by the police are still working for the BBC.  So forgive me if I dismiss this licence-payer funded excuse for ‘unbiased’ reporting as a disgrace.  Don’t even get me started on their ‘unbiased’ Climate Change coverage!  It should be disbanded immediately in my opinion.  What is interesting is that the B’bergers employed a PR company this year.  They were obviously expecting some media coverage but given that the media owners are part of the ‘conspiracy’ it comes as no surprise it was treated as some sort of ‘non-event’.  Nothing to see, move along.  So if it was a ‘private meeting’ why were our politicians and PM there and why were the taxpayers saddled with the cost of policing?  They try to fob us off by saying the Bilderberg Association would ‘contribute’.  Given the amount of money that these people represent why are they not paying all and why is the Bilderberg Association a registered charity (# 272706)?  And who contributes to this charity?  Well, amongst others, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  Nice to know that bailed out banks (with ex(?)members running two countries) like to contribute to charity, eh?

On a brighter note, the ‘protest’ went off without incident.  Protesters behaved impeccably.  The police were praised for their friendly manner and one of the highlights of the weekend was a hug fest!  Police and protesters hugged each other and it was plain to see there was a genuine liking for each other.  I wasn’t there but I did watch a lot of the live and recorded coverage from citizen journalists. Michael Meacher, David Icke and Alex Jones amongst others gave rousing speeches.   Maybe I should start saving so I can go to the next meeting, though I’m not so sure foreign police would be as accommodating as the Hertfordshire police!

One sad note was the passing on in April of that veteran Bilderberg chaser and journalist, Jim Tucker.  He was a torchbearer for truth and he almost single-handedly revealed to the world the machinations of Bilderberg;  he will be sadly missed.  Rest in Peace, Jim.